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Electric Vehicles 

  • No Registration required

  • No Licence required

  • No CTP & No Fuel

  • Road legal

  • 1000 km per $1

  • all you need is:
    a bicycle helmet!
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Cyber Factory presents a range of Zero Emission Vehicles, designed and assembled in Australia. Electric vehicles are air and noise pollution free. They release no emissions into the atmosphere and produce no noise. At Cyber Factory, our aim is to promote and utilise environmentally sane products wherever possible. Our future is reliant on clean energy technology. Clean transport is not enough, however, if we don't commit to using less energy in all areas of our lives.

Ergon Energy Green PowerEnergy Source: When you plug your bike to the wall, where does the power come from? it is easy to get on greenpower. Just call your supplier.

Otherwise you still have a Coal Powered bicycle, causing about 90% less pollution, with the exhaust fumes out of site. It takes just one phone call to go the rest of the way. That easy to go renewable.


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Electric Vehicle

EV Legislation:

Transport Operations
(Road Use Management) Act 1995
see pages 272 and 289.

QT Bicycle road rules

Electric Vehicle
includes 1 Battery
Cost* Battery
Foldaway A$980 $75.00
Stowaway $1,295 $105.00
Wisper $1,880 $105.00
Chopper $1,550 $95.00
Trail Bike - Small $1,495 $105.00
Rover Quadbike $3,450 $295.00
Golf Trike $2,990 $175.00
Quad Bike $5,490 $650.00
Approximate prices, subject to change

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Ergon Energy Green Power Atmospheric CO2

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